Me: “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it”.

Also Me: *Immediately forgets*

This is one of the biggest lies I tell myself, and I know I’m in good company. I’m sure there are people out there with photographic memories and great recall, but I am not blessed with this gift. My memory seems to be even worse since becoming a mom (which, according to to science is normal and could actually be a good thing!) with things like remembering names (which makes me feel so rude) and deadlines and what day it is…

So, I’m going to start getting a bit more honest with myself. I DO need to write that down. Any by that, I mean pretty much everything. I’m starting to get a more organized calendar for myself, my work and for my family. Keeping a “brain dump” on the notes on my phone to put anything and everything until I can organize it. Also keeping an old fashioned pen and paper around for when my phone inevitably dies because I forgot to charge it (because I will).

This is a quote I read a few years ago now that stuck with me: “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.” I have a feeling that writing things down will definitely help me to schedule, and stick to some priorities in the long run. I started this practice today by writing down my workouts for this week. I can’t remember the last time I did this (I guess that’s not saying much, with my memory after-all…) but I also can’t remember the last time I had a week of consistent workouts. That is not a coincidence.

Excited to start this new week off the WRITE way. How about you?

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