Thriving in the New Year

2018 was a YEAR, let me tell you. Lots of good but lots and lots of challenges, especially when it comes to health issues for myself and my family. Nothing too crazy, but dealing with one thing after another can really start to weigh on you. At times this year felt very heavy. We started off the year with the standard daycare viruses that turned into being in the emergency room with our 3 month old who was having trouble breathing. She was luckily okay, but just couldn’t seem to shake the illness, never getting a break. After months of this and no sleep for anyone we all just sort of fell apart.

I got shingles in May. SHINGLES. I know I’m no spring chicken, but I thought that stuff only happened to much older people. I now know this is definitely not the case. Anyone who has had chicken pox already and is under extreme stress and/or dealing with a weakened immune system is at risk. This was/is me in a nutshell.

Health has always been a priority for me, but I let that go a lot this year and just went into survival mode – I think this is pretty standard for new parents especially the mamas out there. For 2019, I’d really like to switch from just surviving to thriving. It sounds so cliche but you really can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care is all the rage these days and for a good reason: It matters. YOU matter.

While I obviously can’t control illness or disease completely, I can try to set myself and my family up for success by making health a top priority again. I know that a little prevention can go a long way. Eating healthy, sleeping as much as possible, staying hydrated, diffusing essential oils, exercising.

Instead of focusing on giving things up for the new year, I’m focusing on what I want more of (gotta fill up that cup folks)! More joy, more laughter, more rest, more relaxation, more productivity, more yoga that’s for sure.

Wishing you a happy and HEALTHY new year. Here’s to thriving in 2019!

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