Shhh it happens

This summer Tara and I have been teaching a mom & baby yoga class together at a local studio called Boston Naps. In addition to running classes for moms and babies, and moms & babies, they also offer a plethora of other services for families including home visits, support groups, lactation support, sleep counseling and more. Definitely check them out if you are in the Boston area! Or even if you’re not, they are super active and helpful on Instagram and I basically live for their Monday evening #momentformom.

The class has been SO much fun and we’ve gotten to meet so many amazing mom and baby yogis! Maybe this week’s class was a little too relaxing though, because not even 5 minutes in Tara had an epic diaper blowout (yoga is good for the digestion system after-all), which caused a bit of a mid-yoga meltdown. I tried to put into practice what I teach in class and find some calm amidst the chaos, but honestly I was more than a bit frazzled.

I recruited the help of the poor office manager since I knew I couldn’t ignore the situation for the next 40 minutes and she changed T for me while I continued on with class, which was going waaaaay above and beyond her role of managing the studio. Tara is not a fan of diaper changes,  and she screamed the entire way through. It was messy, and loud and chaotic- and I guess I just pretty much described a big part of motherhood.

Since class is only 45 minute long, which is about the maximum length of time little babies can go without getting totally overstimulated and overwhelmed, the diaper fiasco took up a big chunk of the class. I was able to continue to teach through the chaos, but I wasn’t able to channel my inner calm. Since she’s getting so mobile and big (and loud!) at 9 months old I think our run of teaching together is coming to an end, at least for a little while. Even though she won’t be formally teaching, I’m sure she’ll keep teaching me important daily lessons and mama mantras just like this one: Shit happens.

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