I bend so I don’t break…a glass?

I haven’t been practicing my yoga regularly and the effects of this are certainly showing up in obvious (lack of patience, body aches and pains) and not-so-obvious ways in my life, like breaking a glass. Let me explain:

The other night after putting T down to bed, I was rushing around trying to get ALL THE THINGS done. All of them at once in a big rush, and while I was unloading the dishes, my mind was racing around of thoughts of “Will the baby wake up? Is this chicken bad? Should I become a vegetarian again? How is it so late already? Did I turn the oven on? Did  I turn the stove off? I should check my email and write a blog post. I should be off my phone more. Darn Instagram. I wonder if I need to go switch the laundry” – CRASH!!!

A glass had smashed on the granite counter and onto the slate tile kitchen floor. Granite and slate are not exactly glass friendly surfaces, and this resulted in quite a shatter. After the initial impact and loud shatter everything went quiet – at least in my monkey mind that had been racing all evening/day/week. As I stood there barefoot with glass pieces all around me, I was pretty much forced to be in the present moment.

I started by taking a few deep breathes, doing a quick scan of the body, assessing the situation around me and being thankful I wasn’t hurt at all. I then started very going about the process of cleaning up, which, when dealing with many glass shards takes careful movements and mindful actions to not get cut or to not miss any pieces in the process, especially important to me with a baby and dog who get into everything and anything.

While the clean-up was certainly inconvenient and seemed like a waste of time because it stopped me in my tracks from attempting to do ALL THE THINGS, it also somehow got me to do a very important thing: To pause, to breath and to find my yoga off the mat and served as a good example and reminder as to why I bend so I don’t break.

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