Running In

Time is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and not just because of Daylight Savings, which is always interesting ESPECIALLY with a kid or with kids (thank god for coffee….. amiright?!) Since having Tara, my concept of time seems to have changed. Sometimes it seems to move slower, especially between the hours of 5pm and 7pm daily ‘the witching hours’, or 2am -4 am ‘the why the hell are we awake hours’ but mostly it’s just seemed to have gone by way too fast. I swear I can just stare at her for what feels like mere moments and then look at the clock and realize somehow hours had gone by without anything getting ‘done’.

I just feel like there isn’t enough time in a day lately and my brain is constantly thinking about everything I should, could and would be doing. Quite frankly, it’s overwhelming and exhausting. Also, social media doesn’t help. I repeat: Social.Media.Doesn’t.Help. It certainly has it’s purpose and I love sharing and connecting, but passively scrolling is also a HUGE time suck and when you are already feeling not your best, like overwhelmed and exhausted, it will probably only make you feel worse to see everyone else’s highlight reel on there.

About a week ago we went to a Trevor Hall event at the Cabot Theater and he spoke a lot about time and how “You’re not running out. You’re really running in”. This really resonated with me because I’ve been so worried about time getting away and focusing on what isn’t getting done or the sleep that I’m not getting that I’m missing out on all the time there is and being in the present moment. This means being okay with the fact that my time these days is sometimes spent “just” staring at a beautiful baby (maybe at 2am) and not getting to the dishes, the laundry (oh, so much laundry) or writing an email. Instead of focusing on running out of time, I’m going to focus more on running in.


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