2017 was quite a year! Not a year of blogging, or exercising or socializing or doing most of the things I normally love to do. Yet it was still a great year. To sum it up in 3 words, I’d say it was the year of Tara Quinn Donovan:


Tara joined our family officially on October 25th at 11:29pm (her due date was October 26th so she was about 30 minutes early. She did NOT get this punctuality from her mama) weighing 6.7 pounds and she instantly changed our lives in the best way possible. Although she was born towards the end of the year, we found out about her existence early on in February 2017 with a positive pregnancy test and from that moment she was pretty much all I could think about!

Sadly our road to becoming parents was a bumpy one. We dealt with some pretty heavy loss along the way and that made this pregnancy very difficult for me not only physically but emotionally. I was and still am SO GRATEFUL to have had the experience and to have my baby girl, but I just could not enjoy being pregnant. I know some people love it and I give them lots of credit for that. I had morning sickness that felt like a hangover the entire time and I was pretty worried and totally sober for 9 months. That’s a tough combo…

Despite the worries and fears my pregnancy and labor were luckily fine and resulted in beautiful baby Tara. One of the best things I did was work with a Doula, Emma O’Brien, who I can”t recommend enough! I hadn’t even heard of a Doula until I did my prenatal yoga teacher training, and even then I was under the assumption that Doulas are only for people looking to do an all-natural-hippy-homebirth. I also thought Doulas and midwives were interchangeable. None of this is the case! Of course there are some Doulas who fit that description, but there is a Doula for every type of birth and woman. I delivered at MGH and ended up getting an epidural (best.decision.ever. – at least for me!) but even with all the typical western medicine Emma’s presence was unquestionably one of the best parts of my labor experience. From asking the right questions, knowing how to find the best flavor jello, making sure Ross took care of himself, playing my favorite music, providing candlelight instead of fluorescent hospital room lights and cold aromatherapy scented washcloths when the going got tough. These services aren’t currently covered by health insurance, but they are “affordable” compared to what you pay for any health provider and worth every penny in my opinion. If you’re looking for pregnancy and labor support that’s catered toward you and not just the medical textbooks please look into this option!

We’ve finished up 2017 just trying to get to know Tara and figuring out this whole parenting thing. It’s not as easy as social media (and some bloggers) make it look!  It’s somehow the most natural and yet most difficult thing in the world to become a mom.  Most days I don’t have time to shower despite being covered in several different bodily  fluids, my use of the English language fails me and sleep is a distant memory (sleep, that’s one of those tricky English words- right?)

Tara just turned 2 months on Christmas Day and it’s been a blur. I feel like time was at a standstill for most of my pregnancy and now it’s going at light speed. Despite all the highs and lows, a year of T.Q.D. Can only be the best ever. I’m looking forward to many, many more.

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