The Worst First

I’m a fan of saving the best for last, but not always the best at putting the worst first. A lot of my stress stems from procrastination, mainly putting off things I don’t want to do. There are many reasons for not wanting to do things. They might be tedious or unexciting, they might be hard. They might be scary, or at least in the sense that I might be afraid of failing, and if you don’t start, you can’t fail, right? (wrong.)

It doesn’t matter how much I get done in a day, if I still have those “worst” things lingering, I cannot thoroughly enjoy or feel satisfied with my accomplishments. This leads to a lot of work and not a lot of reward.

Take a yoga class sequence for example, not to call out the chaturangas as the WORST butttttt…..

We tend to do all the hard physical work in the beginning. Spending a few necessary minutes warming up, and then gradually building up to the peak effort, somewhere half-way through the class. After this we gradually slow down until we get to the BEST (this pose starts with an S and ends with a Vasana).

That final pose lying on your mat on a cold wooden floor after a sweaty powerful class can be the most relaxing feeling in the world. If you were to just try to skip over the rest of class and jump right into Corpse pose it almost certainly would lose some of that magic. You have to earn it, to do the worst first so you can enjoy the best last.

This is not true for everyday, and every class of course but I think that in general, this theory of doing the worst first is really beneficial to me. Lying relaxed on the cold hard floor is much better than sitting up tense in that comfy office chair!

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