10 Days

Yesterday  I started a 10 day cleanse of sorts. I’m not sure cleanse is the right word. It’s not quite a detox, not a challenge, not about weight loss and it’s nothing too strict or crazy. I was just feeling a little out of control with my diet, attitude, everything going on in the world and I realized it’s all connected. I was really letting some of the negativity of late get to me, and also trying to control things that I can’t (like who other people vote for, just for example…) I can only control ME: my thoughts, my words, my actions. So this is me, taking action and writing down my goals for the next 10 days:

Meditating everyday for at least 10 minutes.  I haven’t been super consistent with my meditation practice, but I know I see the benefits from doing it occasionally so I’m super excited about what 10 days straight will bring.

Limiting processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol – you know, all the good stuff. I decided not to forgo all of the above completely, but only to do what feels good. I’m looking at this not a punishment, but more as a gift to myself.  One cup of coffee in the morning for me?  Pure bliss. Several cups of coffee? Rapid heart rate, anxious, digestive issues, inevitable energy crash and burn after the high. Same goes for sugar. So, for at least the next 10 days I’ll stick with bliss and have some decaf or herbal tea to help get me through the day.

Creating more. Blogging, crafting, cooking, even work projects. Just allowing myself to create a bit more vs. just mindlessly consume  which leads me to…

Less social media. This one I haven’t been doing a great job with so far on Day 2, but I swear it’s ruining my life slowly so I’ll keep working on it. I think I need to get better about finding ways to fill this void that has taken up such a large part of my time. I should probably up my mediation goal from 10 minutes to 4 hours a day, and then find something else to do with the next 18 hours. Seriously it’s a bad habit but I’m working on it!

Day 1 update: Just trying to prevent myself from eating all.the.sugar! Woah, that tricky little sugar habit snuck up on me fast. I also ran a half-marathon the day before and I think my body just wanted all the carbs.

Day 2 update: I’m feeling a little tired, but I swear the quick 3 minute mediation I did this morning saved me from 30 minutes of stress on my drive into work. I was still stuck in rush-hour traffic for 30 minutes, but I enjoyed listening to the radio (and Kiss108 discussing the orange-ness of the President elect) and sipping on my one cup of coffee to go.  I don’t think I cursed at or flipped off one person – A little mindfulness goes a long way!




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