Those Mountains Though…

This quote was stolen from my sister, who shared it on Instagram a few weeks ago: “Those mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb”

I love quotes, and I definitely had one of those “aha” moments after reading this one. I’ve been carrying a lot of  figurative mountains on my shoulders lately. Sometimes, when you carry something heavy for so long, you almost forget that you’re carrying it. You forget what it felt like to not be carrying it, and you just keep moving forward driven by inertia, despite the pain and struggle because it seems like the only other option is to stop or give up. What if there was another option though, what if you could just put down the damn mountains? This option came to me after reading the quote, and I could feel the literal weight of my figurative mountains dissipating from my heavy shoulders.

I’ve also been using this ‘mountain’ theme in some of my yoga classes lately, trying to help others put down those mountains and whatever else they are carrying. It’s not that we should have no struggles in our yoga practice and in our life, challenge is good and it’s not always about being comfortable but we should still be able to find some comfort in the uncomfortable, to be able to breathe through the challenges. Sure, your front quadriceps and hip are going to be shaking a bit if you hold Warrior 2 for an extended period of time, and it’s certainly not easy, but clenching your teeth and furrowing your brow and holding your breath will make the situation MUCH harder than it has to be. Let go what you can, where you can,  exhale, put down those mountains and start climbing.

It was Ross’s 32nd birthday this weekend, and all he wanted to do was camp and climb a mountain, so we drove up to North Conway Saturday night and did just that! It was cold, it was challenging  and oh so rewarding. Today I’m so thankful to be back to climbing mountains instead of carrying them.

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