Healthy Living When You’re Sick

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year; The crisp cool air, the colors, the pumpkins, the flannel and hot beverages. I love it all! The one downside? The start of cold/flu season. I got hit pretty hard with a cold this weekend (I blame my 10 mile run around the Charles River in 30 degree weather Sunday morning. 30 degrees is winter weather, not fall).

Despite trying to get lots of sleep and rest and drinking a lot of fluids, I’m still feeling a lot like this:


Healthy living turns out to be a bigger challenge when you’re not healthy to start!

For one thing, my workouts have gone out (the freezing cold) window. I basically finished my 10 mile run on Sunday and have been sitting on my butt ever since.

As far as eating, I know I should be fueling my compromised immune system with healthy foods and as many vitamins and minerals as I can- but I’m too tired to prep and cook the usual healthy food, and if I do kill myself to put in the effort it’s totally unappealing, yet the gallon of ice cream in my refrigerator? That is calling my name. Yup, it’s 30 degrees outside and I’m craving ice cream.

Sleep- I’ve been doing okay here and getting to bed pretty early, though it’s hard to get uninterrupted quality sleep when you can’t breath through one-side of your face.

Lastly, my attention span and patience at work and with friends and loved ones is seriously lacking. I can hardly sit and write this quick post.

Enjoy the healthier days, and carpe that diem when you have the energy and strength to do so-whether it’s tackling a big project at work or workout at the gym.I have a Half-Marathon coming up this weekend, so I know a few more days of R&R is necessary, and so is patience with myself.  Fingers crossed that I’m feeling more like a happy Jack-o-latern and less like a smashed pumpkin within the next few days!

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