An Avocado A Day

I love love love avocados. I don’t know why, but didn’t really start appreciating them until living in Costa Rica. Before that my avocado consumption was mostly guacamole related, but than I experienced avocado with gallo pinto for breakfast. Nothing better.

If you are also an avocado aficionado, you probably know some of the troubles with avocados:

#1. The price. Some restaurants charge $$ just to add a couple of slices or drops of guac to your salad/nachos/sandwiches. They usually aren’t cheap in the grocery store either (though Wholefoods is having a great sale this week, 5 for $5!)

#2. How fickle they can be! I’ve had plenty of heartbreak over buying them too unripe, only to have it go over-ripe and rotten on me very quickly!

Avocado What I’ve learned is to just buy them ripe, and use them over the course of a week (and not just save it for guacamole, although that is one good way to use them!!) This way you get your money’s worth and use them up before they go bad. They are so filling & nutritious (thank you, healthy fats) and also a lot more versatile than guacamole. I also eat them:

-For Breakfast. If you can’t find/ make gallo pinto, a few slices with your eggs, spread on toast, or on a breakfast burrito is life changing.

-For Smoothies. Avocados add a great thickness to smoothies, without the additional sweetness of bananas (my usual go-to smoothie thickener). Just throw half an avocado in the blender/processor and your good to go. This morning I added some orange slices, 1 banana, baby spinach leaves, frozen strawberries and water.

-For lunch/dinner: Add to sandwiches/salads/burgers or even on top of some soups (tortilla soup, gazpacho, chili)

-For snacks: Good ol’ gauc. I mix mine with some greek yogurt and squeeze lime into it and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Being gluten free, I’ve been enjoying my snack time guac over plantain chips vs. tortillas, but that’s just my preference!

-For dessert: To be honest I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve seen (and pinned) a lot of avocado dessert recipes and I’m planning to make some Chocolate pudding with avocado this week (recipe HERE). I’ll let you know how it goes!

Also, it’s fun to see people’s reaction when you tell them avocado is your favorite fruit! (Sorry apples, but I’m allergic to you anyway!)

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