Summer in the City

Long days, warm weather, sunshine and sunsets, everything feels just a little more easy breezy in the summer, even waking up at 5am for work like I did this morning! I kicked off the summer with a 2 week vacation to France last month, and was a little worried that after that the rest of the summer might feel a little anti-climatic after that. So far, not true!

France was incredible. The romantic city of light (Paris), the highest mountains in the Alps (Mont Blanc), lavender fields for days (Provence) and swanky beaches (French Riviera). The museums, shopping, sites, the food and the wine. And the creme brulee. That needs it’s own food category. It was seriously the vacation of a lifetime.

After 2 weeks though, I was ready to come home though. One of the great things about traveling is how much it makes you appreciate home. I missed our dog, I missed our condo, I missed friends and I even missed my job (especially teaching yoga)!

I’m finding that for me, nothing beats summer in the city (our city). We are just a short trip away from visiting beaches and mountains when we do need an escape, and this weekend’s date night (at the Navy Yard Bistro, our favorite!!) Stand-up Paddle Boarding Adventure on the Charles River, a beach day in Rockport, grilling out on our patio and doing some home improvement on our new condo was *almost* as good as sipping champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe not as glamorous, but certainly as much fun.

Cheers to your summer, enjoy the heck out of it, wherever you are!


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