Strawberry Moon

Full Moons- Despite all the chaos they tend to bring with them I find there is something lovely and calming about a full moon in the sky. I’m really hoping the weather clears up over the city tonight so I can catch a glimpse of some of the June Strawberry moon that is upon us. It’s also known as the Honeymoon. Either way it sounds delicious!

I think most all yoga practitioners are aware of the strong connection between the practice and the sun. Sun Salutaions (Surya Namaskars) are fairly standard in most of the classes I take and teach, but Moon Salutations- not so much. Then there is the whole Ashtanga belief in Moon Days- taking a break from practicing on days with both full and new moons.

I’m feeling a little more mellow than usual with this cold, dreary June weather. I tend towards the hot, firey chatarungas but In the class I’m teaching tonight (no moon holiday for this Vinyasa teacher!) I’m thinking something a little more chill, meditative & moon-like.  If you can’t make it to class here’s and easy practice-at-home moon sequence/mediation to follow.


(Image Source)

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