Tour de France

The countdown is officially on for our tour de France next month! Oh lal la!  I am already dreaming about wine & cheese, and have added French to my DuoLingo app. If you haven’t tried this language app yet, I definitely recommend it! It’s fun, it’s educational and it’s free! I used it a lot before our most recent trip to Costa Rica, and it definitely helped me out there.

With learning a language (or learning almost anything) it’s amazing what just a little bit of practice each day can do, consistency is key! I also really don’t want to be THAT American in France that can’t even say ‘hello’ ‘thank you’ or, most importantly ‘more wine please’.

Unfortunately I am probably going to be THAT American walking around in flip flops and sneakers the whole time, because all my fancy shoe money is going directly to travel. #priorites

This is going to be our first trip to France, and there is sooo much we want to see and do! Although 2 weeks sounds like a long time, I have no doubt it is going to fly by! Our itinerary has us in Paris for 4 days, then over to the Alps and then down to the South of France. I’m trying to research places/itineraries but there is just SO much. If anyone has any recommendations please send them my way!

On another note, I had to get my passport re-newed for this trip because of my  recent name change, even though my old passport still had 2 good years left on it- such a pain! Even worse than having to pay to re-new it early, is losing all my current stamps/visas and getting to show off what a bad-ass world traveler I am… But THE WORST is having had to take a new passport photo. Man, those things are REALLY not flattering. Maybe the US government will get hip and start allowing selfies?


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