Spring Clean Eating

Hello and Happy Spring! It’s been about exactly a month since I started on a Nutrition Cleanse run by a nutritionist in the Crossfit program at my gym.

The last 30 days very closely followed the Whole30 eating model. Basically eliminating foods that typically cause trouble: Processed Foods, grains, gluten, dariy, legumes, added Sugars, alcohol, etc. I stuck pretty close to the diet for a much as possible, though I did cheat a little bit here and there (traveling to California for a week-long work trip definitely tested all of my self-control, hunger and blood sugar levels).

Sure the California Coast off Highway 1 is beautiful, but I'm still HANGRY!
Sure the California Coast off Highway 1 is beautiful, but I’m still HANGRY!

I did eat  more whole foods (think veggies, fruits, eggs) than I’ve probably eaten in  the past 5 years of my life combined- no joke. I generally consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but boy was this eye-opening!! I really didn’t realize how much I deferred to/ depended on  processed foods and junk food until I tried to cut it out. I had to cook, to wash pots and pans, to peel an orange (why is orange peeling SUCH a big thing for me? I can’t even begin to explain the amount of motivation I need to muster in order to peel an orange most days). The first week I had a headache that no amount of Advil could cure (I blame this mostly on cutting out coffee cold-turkey. I have since brought caffeine back in, but normally opt for green tea or iced tea, and do not need coffee to function in the morning. This is a big breakthrough and my stomach can not thank me enough).

In addition to my stomach feeling great, my workouts have also been feeling more energized. I’m running a little faster (PR’d in a 5k this weekend!) and feeling stronger and more flexible during yoga practices.

That being said, this sort of cleanse is not for the weary. It takes a lot of time to food shop and prep, and also as we all know healthy foods are not always cheap -though I buy on sale whenever possible, if you’re really eating clean, eating sustainably/organic is also very important. It also caused me to have a little social panic when it would come time to go out to eat or eat at someone else’s house (how awkward is it to BYOD – Bring Your Own Dinner).

I’m relieved that the 30 days is over and that I survived, but I’m also a little nervous not having this strict regiment to follow! What I do know is that I will no longer be a slave to simple carbs/excess sugar/caffeine, and that I will continue to eat a sweet potato and eggs for breakfast over a bagel with cream cheese (almost) everyday.

I ❤ Sweet Potatoes

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