Baby Steps

I’m not afraid of running uphill. In fact I kind of enjoy it. When I run uphill, I take baby steps. I shorten my stride, slow down my speed a little, but I don’t stop moving forward. Keep moving in the right direction, and eventually you’ll make it to the top, right?

I need to incorporate this thinking into other aspects of my life (I’ve noticed so many times how running and life things overlap. If only life was really as simple as running.) I really like this idea of breaking big challenges down into baby-steps. I don’t stop at the bottom of each hill, just staring at the top (where I want to be) and worry/wondering how I’ll get there. I just keep moving, and then eventually I’m there.

I’ve noticed that unlike running, before starting sometimes I tend to stop and worry. What happens if I fail? What happens if it’s not perfect? What if I fall down? The only surefire way not to make it up that hill is if you just stop at the bottom and give up.

Since we’re on the topic of baby steps, I’ll also share some photos from my friends baby shower this weekend! Her shower was in gorgeous Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Even though the drive there and back by myself on Sunday felt long, it was worth it to..

Celebrate with her at her fantastic shower:


Take in the gorgeous coastal Maine views (the way life should be…)


And last but not least.. worth it for the CRAZY GOOD cupcakes (note the pink frosting. It’s a girl!!!!)


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